• Image of Riverfest 2020 Souvenir Packs

We’re glad you asked, and frankly we could use the love.

By now you’ve heard the news, Riverfest 2020 has been cancelled due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s artwork by Meghan and Juanta Wolfe had barely seen daylight, so we made the choice to use it for the 2021 festival, along with the theme, Rock Out on the River.

But so many of you reached out to us wanting this year’s button and other items with the original dates that we’ve decided to make a limited number available. These Souvenir Packs come in two versions, one with a signed Riverfest 2020 Official Poster and one with an unsigned 2020 Official Poster. Both also include one adult button, one child button, the popular cloisonné pin, the 2020 Official tee (you choose the size, while available), two different Riverfest Heartlandia stickers (we’ll choose for you), and a RF2020 Concert Poster (we don’t even sell these, generally, it’s just an awesome bonus!).

PLEASE ALLOW 7-10 DAYS FOR PROCESSING AND SHIPPING.. Reserve yours today to support Wichita Festivals and Riverfest at this crucial time, and use your buttons in 2021 to get into the festival! We are SO GRATEFUL for your support!

**In office pick-up and purchase is available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you wish to reserve a Button Packet or Souvenir Packet, or make an appointment to purchase, email Karianne at info@wichitafestivals.com.**

Riverfest 2020 Souvenir Pack w/ Unsigned Official Poster: $75
Riverfest 2020 Souvenir Pack w/ Signed Official Poster: $95