• Image of Bob Struble Golf Donation

Can't golf for cause with us on September 9, 2022? Make your donation to Wichita Festivals, Inc. and the Wichita Cancer Foundation digitally!

Who is Bob Struble?

Bob Struble was active with Riverfest, serving as a Wagonmaster, Festival volunteer and past Board President of WFI before passing away from cancer in 2005. The Bob Struble Memorial Golf Tournament was established the following year by Bob’s friends. Each year a portion of the proceeds are donated to a cancer organization in Bob’s memory. This year Wichita Cancer Foundation will be the recipient organization.

Who is The Wichita Cancer Foundation?

The Wichita Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Wichita, Kansas that provides financial assistance to local cancer patients. The foundation is completely independent, entirely donation-based, and mostly volunteer-run.
The Wichita Cancer Foundation’s mission is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients whose care is initiated or received in the state of Kansas in the form of insurance premium payments. Our vision is to ensure cancer patients receive the care they need while minimizing their financial stress.